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A franchise business is a business model that has been proven over time by means of setting up pilot businesses. The pilot businesses are run for a period of time to try, test and adjust the business model until it has been proven to be profitable. Once this has occured, the business is ready to be franchised and rolled out as a replicable licensed business. If you are an aspiring business owner who would like to be self employed but have found it hard or lack the skill set to make it work, a franchise business provides help, training and support as well as the proven business model to follow. In theory, by following the proven system correctly, you will replicate the success of the original franchise business.

A good franchise provides plenty of training and on going support which is one of the key differentiators when comparing a franchise or simply a license. Although a franchise is effectively a license to trade under a brand name and proven system, a licensed business may not provide adequet support and training which can be critical in ensuring you are running the business to its fullest potential.

Franchising in New Zealand

Buying a franchise has become a very popular route to running your own business. Though the first evidence of modern business format franchising dates back over one hundred years, the last few decades have seen a real boom in the number of franchise concepts entering the market. Never before has there been such choice available to the aspiring franchise business owner.

If you are considering a franchise as your choice of business start up, make sure you consider all the factors. Firstly, its important to think about how much you have to invest as a franchise business will typically require an initial franchise fee, which is payable to the franchiser, and other start up costs in order to get your business ready to trade. You may wish to consult your bank to ensure you consider only franchise opportunities which are within your budget.

It's important to consider the location that you wish to trade. Think about whether there is a market for the franchise service you are considering in the area you wish to trade. Franchisers usually split the country into 'territories' to ensure that each of their franchisees has enough potential business to build a profitable business but also to ensure they are not directly competing against each other which would be counter-productive to what the franchise business is trying to achieve.

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